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Moving In - Moving Out Services

If you want to maximize the return of your security deposit, the moving cleaning option is essential. Our Move In and Move Out cleanings include a deeper cleanse to all areas of your home. This includes additional tasks such as cleaning:

  • baseboards

  • walls

  • cabinets

  • laundry room

  • living room cabinets

  • interior fridge cleaning, and much more. 

Deep Cleaning Services Available 

(at additional cost)

  • Refrigerator and Freezer – Removal of everything from the inside of the refrigerator and freezer, and then clean and disinfect it 

  • Blinds – Dust and wipe down blinds                             (Cost may vary based on size of unit)

  • Inside Oven – Clean inside of and behind ovens, bottom drawer and drip pans

  • Inside Cabinets – Disinfect and wipe down inside of all cabinets 

  • Walls – Wipe down and remove stains off walls   **Prices vary by size of home**

  • Garage – Clean your empty garage 

  • Pets – Removal of pet hair throughout the unit         (Cost may vary based on number of pets)

  • Laundry – Wash and fold your laundry                         (one load maximum)

  • Patio – Sweeping and removal of cobwebs

  • Packing Services 

  • Flat or Hourly Rate – Minimum of TWO hours. Let our cleaning professionals know what area of your home you would like them to focus on!

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